A happy childhood singing and dancing

Born in a family of music lovers (her father made adaptations from The Beattles songs, her mother was an amateur choir singer), she remembers singing El negro no puede from Georgie Dann at parties when she was 4. At 8 she began singing in the school choir, where one of the teachers encouraged her parents to make her join the Conservatory of Tarragona. She was happy on the stage when performing theatre and se admired Lina Morgan. She had a group where she performed paso dobles, boleros and summer music in events, banquets and communion celebrations. She continued her music studies at the Conservatory Joaquín Rodrigo in Valencia, where she also studied choir conduction and organ. Her first role as a professional was Woglinde, daughter of Rin, in The Ring of the Nibelung, from Wagner.

5_Marta Matheu © Michal Novak

She bears in mind Montserrat Caballé's words when she gets on a stage

She met Montserrat Caballé in 2007 in Zaragoza. It was a sweet and magical encounter. She was nervous to sing in front of one of the best lyrical singers in history. She had to stop when Monserrat Caballé got moved listening to her, but Caballé told her to continue. So that is what she did, and at the point where there was always a struggle, an explosion of art occurred. Caballé hugged her at the end, and said: “Sing with the heart and everything is going to be fine. You have charm, and you need to let it flow”. Since then, every time she jumps on a stage, she follows the words that Montserrat Caballé whispered to her.

Gradual and steady improvement along with great obstacles on the road

Her career can be described as a gradual and steady improvement. She is lucky to be at the service of music and to enjoy this passion to the fullest. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been always easy, due to external factors, such as theatre conductors, agents, etc., who didn’t trust her ability, who didn’t think she would be able to perform specific roles or who have type-cast her for a specific repertoire. However, she has always been open to all genres and styles, making the most of every project she has participated in.

Ambition and trust in her own capacity to become a culture ambassador

Nowadays, she intends to prove, as singer and artist, that she can be whatever she wants to if given a chance. She would like to increase her popularity, especially after having gained wide experience, having travelled in numerous occasions and having expanded her art around the world and being a culture ambassador. She is open to projects that step outside her comfort zone. For her, being natural is the essence. Her vocation is singing, and her passion, being on a stage to enjoy and show generosity to the audience, throwing her soul open, to spread an art that is not within reach of everyone.

funny, a little crazy and the queen of the nightclubs

Funny, dynamic, proactive and willing to have a good time performing music. She enjoys challenges and new things. She likes reading, dancing, eating with friends and being the spotlight to make everyone laugh. Those who know her can remember an unforgettable meal that ended with her doing an impression of a goat to the delight of all the clients of the restaurant. She is the queen on the platforms of the discos. During the towns’ celebrations she is the first to open the dancing, with or without dancing partners. She loves all kinds of music and wouldn’t hesitate in participating at the TV show Your Face Sounds Familiar (Tu cara me suena).